“GG Go Next”

My history with esports


As a teenager, I enjoyed my fair share of video games. Following two major car accidents, and a shattered friendship, I found myself playing video games mostly alone. However, I soon began making new friends, using my love of video games as a vehicle. That was when I realized that many of us played the same multiplayer games at the same school, but we did it alone.

I decided at that moment, that I wanted to start an esports team at my high school. I created a petition, signed by nearly 20 students, that I brought directly to the school principal. I found a teacher that agreed to take on a coaching role. Unfortunately, when I presented the idea to the school board, they rejected my proposal. Disheartened, but not defeated, I founded my own esports organization with my classmates and friends which has since expanded to be a multi-team, international organization I still manage today.

I tried out, and made Iowa State’s Overwatch Varsity team in January 2020, only to also begin managing the Iowa State Overwatch teams in August 2020. We have since seen success in many international competitions, including Tespa, where we placed in the top 20 teams overall.


“Perspective is paramount”

My history with academics


As a student, I’ve almost always enjoyed my coursework. I seem to easily find ways to relate to what I’m learning in class, and build associations with new ideas. I have long been interested in a variety of topics: history, literature, law, and more. Originally, I wanted to be an English Teacher, but I quickly pivoted to another field I had always been interested in: computers. I started my journey at Iowa State as a Computer Engineer in August 2019, and have not looked back since.

Here at Iowa State, I’ve been an active member of the Honors Program. As of this Spring, I am acting as Representative of Starbuck House in Honors Student Board. It makes me very happy to help organize events for other honors students like myself.