Iowa State university Discrete math Teaching assistant

January 2023 – present

I have been a teaching assistant for CPRE 310 every semester for 1.5 years. My duties have included teaching recitation, grading (homework, quizzes, and exams), talking to students during office hours, and teaching lecture when the professor is absent.

CPRE 310 is Iowa State’s Discrete Math course, where many important concepts of Computer Science and Engineering are introduced. These include the rules of inference, formal proofs, proof by induction, graph theory, and introductory combinatorics.

I have become very confident in my abilities surrounding these topics and I have even employed things that I have learned from my TA position in my research. I very much enjoy teaching and talking to students; it is one of my favorite parts of the week. In May 2024, I received the Graduate Teaching Excellence Award for my work helping to teach the class.



May 2023 – August 2023

I worked as a full-time in-person software engineering intern at Garmin headquarters in Olathe, Kansas during Summer 2023. As a part of Garmin’s Aviation department, I was on the team responsible for GUI and Displays. My responsibilities were to write unit tests, perform code reviews, modify existing code, and more for a still unannounced future product.

Most of the work was in C, so I gained a ton of professional experience using the language. I also gained a lot of experience working in Microsoft Visual Studio, and with code coverage tools.


Open Systems International

May 2022 – January 2023

From late May to mid-August 2022 I worked as a full-time in-person intern at Open Systems International as a Product Engineer. Over the summer, I was tasked with building a new product that can be used to more quickly and easily develop custom applications for customers in the future. The product was written in C and had to be super fast and highly optimized, which led me to develop new knowledge in data structures and multi-threaded programming. 

Along with my intern project, I was tasked with creating documentation and training materials (both for the project and other internal company tools). Git was used regularly, and regular code reviews were mandatory. This led me to continue to develop knowledge about using Git effectively.

At the end of the summer, I presented my project to the company directors along with the other interns and their projects. Around that time, my project began to be installed on customer systems.

After the summer, I continued my work with OSI as a part-time remote employee. My tasks were to develop various custom applications for customer systems (which were typically written in C, but occasionally Python was used).

Both my intern project and my other work greatly increased my experience with the C programming language, and I also learned much by working with custom databases which are often necessary for the custom apps I developed.